Insurance is a highly misunderstood product and it’s often bought and sold for the wrong reasons. At the same time it’s a very important part of your life and you must know certain ground rules for making the right decisions in the New Year. Many of us consider insurance just another investmentfor tax saving. Our day-to-day life is full of unpredictable risks for example loss of life, loss of income, critical illness, disability etc.
Insurance planning means figuring out adequate cover against “insurable risks” and getting the maximum out of the premium you pay. Tax
exemption is just another aspect of it.Having the right insurance cover gives you peace of mind as it provides financial support in case of contingencies.

Following Insurance Services are offered :
1. Life Insurance
2. Health Insurance
3. Critical illness Insurance
4. Personal Accident Insurance
5. Fire Insurance
6. Motor Insurance
7. Travel Insurance
8. Professional Indemnity
9. Home Insurance